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Spray Paving Gnangara Website was created to help people find a local spray paving company that can assist them with their spray paving project.

Spray on paving is the way to better looking concrete driveways and paths. Spray paving is the process of spraying a concrete based product over existing concrete.

Spray Paving Gnangara provides a unique non-slip surface to your concrete and pavers. Any concrete can be reformed, be it your home surrounds, commercial business, schools or aged care facilities.

The process involves thoroughly cleaning the area using a high pressure cleaner and a chemical wash, any cracks are repaired and a bonding agent applied.

The area to be sprayed is masked up and the concrete based mixture is applied under high pressure that bonds to 60Kpa. The final process is the application of two coats of acrylic sealer.

There is an extensive range of designs and colours from which to choose. Also your company logo can be incorporated into the concrete!

This amazing product provides a fantastic way to dramatically improve the appearance and durability of the concrete around your home or business.


We have a network of Spray Paving Specialist that offer a complete system of products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications, interior or exterior, over new - old surfaces.

Send us your enquiry and a spray paving specialist will get in touch with you shortly.


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Looking for quality spray on paving in Gnangara? Send us your enquiry. Services: Spray on Paving, Spray on Asphalt / Bitumen, Spraying on wall, Epoxy / Polymer flooring, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Staining, Concrete Sealing. Covering Gnangara and the surrounding areas.